About Glasgow's Single Outcome Agreement

Public services in Glasgow are delivered by a wide range of agencies and organisations. Many of these public bodies work together as the Community Planning Partnership. Glasgow’s Community Planning Partnership consists of Glasgow City Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Glasgow Housing Association and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

As the lead Community Planning Partner, Glasgow City Council is required to develop a Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) that sets out the Partnership’s priorities and how these contribute to the 15 National Outcomes for Scotland (more information on the national outcomes can be found on the Scotland Performs website).

Glasgow's Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) is an agreement between Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and the Scottish Government which sets out the joint priority outcomes for Glasgow, and how the GCPP will work towards achieving them.

This SOA will be accompanied by a Performance Management Framework that will set out how the CPP will track the difference being made over time through a series of performance measures. The framework will consist of a small core of high level outcome measures around the themes of alcohol, youth employment, vulnerable people, and also in the target neighbourhoods.

These will be supplemented by a series of more detailed outcome/output measures linked to the specific activities undertaken by Community Planning partners to achieve better outcomes for residents. The new SOA Performance Management Framework will establish baselines, comparator areas, milestones and targets for the CPP for each of the outcomes in the ten year SOA. The Framework will be completed by late 2013

Glasgow City Council's Strategic plan: 2012 to 2017 set out the Council's priorities for the 5 years period and focused on economic growth and resilience for the city and its communities.