About the International Futures Forum

International Futures Forum (IFF) is a non-profit organisation established to support a transformative response to complex and confounding challenges and to restore the capacity for effective action in today’s powerful times.

The scale of global interconnectivity and interdependence has resulted in a step change in the complexity, uncertainty and speed of change in today’s operating environment. Many of the concepts we used to rely on to make sense of our world no longer have traction. In many respects we are experiencing a ‘conceptual emergency’.

In response, organisations, communities and governments are adopting familiar strategies: intensifying standard processes, strengthening the centre, sticking to core competencies, prioritising short-term results, promising only what can be delivered.

We believe these defensive approaches are necessary but not sufficient. Over the years we have developed an effective body of theory, method, practice and wide experience in taking on seemingly intractable challenges, always in a global context.

Our charitable purpose is to share the learning from our experience more broadly and to increase the capacity worldwide to realise aspiration in the operating conditions.

For further information on the International Futures Forum (IFF), please visit www.internationalfuturesforum.com