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30.4% of Glasgow primary school pupils were registered as entitled to free school meals in 2014. This figure varies across the Glasgow SIMD deciles, from 47.2% in the most deprived decile to 4.8% in the least deprived decile. It should be noted that the total number of pupils in each neighbourhood can vary greatly so it can be more complex when comparing areas.


Eligibility for free school meals is often used as a proxy for poverty.  However, because of the introduction of local initiatives, eligibility for school meals differs over time and between local authorities.  A more detailed explanation is provided within notes on data section.  

Estimates of child poverty and other related indicators are available under children's poverty.

These data are taken from the 2014 pupil census data. Only pupils who attend Glasgow City Council Primary and Secondary Schools and who have an address within the Glasgow City Council area have been included. For these reasons the Glasgow figure presented in the graph above does not exactly match the figure presented within Scottish Cities and Glasgow and Clyde Valley provided by the Scottish Government.

Glasgow SIMD deprivation – This is a local index of deprivation for Glasgow based on Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD 2009) rankings applied to Glasgow datazones.  The purpose of creating this local index of deprivation is to be able to analyse an outcome against an even distribution of deprivation deciles.

Deprivation deciles -  the term ‘deprivation decile’ is used to represent 10% of a population with a particular level of deprivation. Thus, the most deprived decile equates to the most deprived 10% within a population, while the least deprived decile represents the 10% of a population living in the least deprived circumstances.

SIMD – Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation provides a relative measure of deprivation based on indicators from 7 domains – income, employment, health, education, access, housing, crime. The index identifies multiple deprivation for 6505 small areas (datazones) across Scotland.  There have been four versions of SIMD to date. The initial index of 2004 (SIMD 2004) has been revised three times in 2006 (SIMD 2006), 2009 (SIMD 2009) and 2012 (SIMD 2012).  For more information go to the SIMD site.

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