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Primary School free meal registration varies across the major Scottish Cities. In 2014, 35.1% of Glasgow primary school pupils were registered for free school meals. Glasgow City has the highest levels of free meal registration in Scotland, followed by Dundee City with 27.8%. The lowest level is found in Aberdeen, where 13.7% of primary children are registered. The Scottish average is 20.6%. 


Eligibility for free school meals is often used as a proxy for poverty.  However, because of the introduction of local initiatives, eligibility for school meals differs over time and between local authorities.  

Free school meals for children in primary 1 to 3 - on 5 January 2015, free school meals were extended to all primary 1 to 3 children in local authority schools across Scotland.  In some local authorities this has been extended to other primary school years.

Estimates of child poverty and other related indicators are available under children's poverty.

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