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Attendance rates for secondary pupils at Glasgow schools, by neighbourhood 2013/14

Attendance secondary by NH

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The attendance rate for secondary school pupils at Glasgow secondary schools varies across the Glasgow neighbourhoods. The overall attendance rate was 91.5% in 2013/14 for secondary schools. In the Parkhead and Dalmarnock neighbourhood the attendance rate for secondary pupils was 87.8% and the attendance rate in the Kelvindale & Kelvinside neighbourhood was 96.1% for this age group. 


Neighbourhoods  - there are 56 neighbourhoods, or housing forum areas, in Glasgow.  Their populations vary from around 1,500 in Carmunock in the south of the city to over 20,000 in Hillhead and Woodlands to the west of the city centre.The total number of pupils in each neighbourhood can vary greatly so neighbourhood areas may not be directly comparable.

Source: Glasgow City Council Education Services data taken from Seemis System. Only pupils who attend Glasgow City Council Primary and Secondary Schools and have an address within the Glasgow City Council boundary have been included in these charts.

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