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In 2012/13 the highest proportion of school leavers in Scotland went into Higher Education (36.5%) followed by Further Education (27.8%). Within Glasgow and Clyde Valley the largest proportion entering Higher Education was from East Renfrewshire (62.0%) and the highest entering further education was from Inverclyde (34.8%) In 2012/13 Glasgow and South Lanarkshire had the highest numbers of unemployed seeking (9.5%) while East Dunbartonshire had the lowest (3.4%). Glasgow was slightly above the overall Scottish figure of 7.1% with 9.5%. The highest percentage of young people in employment was found in South Lanarkshire (19.3%) closely followed by Glasgow (18.6%) while the lowest was 13.2 % in East Renfrewshire. Glasgow’s figure was just below the overall Scottish figure of 20.4%.  


The data shown in relation to school leaver destinations has been taken from Skills Development Scotland data. The data has been split into the three Strategic Planning Areas of Glasgow based on the location of the schools that were attended rather than the addresses of pupils. This includes all pupils who attended Glasgow City Council schools and left school in the years shown. This includes pupils who have an address outside of the Glasgow City boundary but attended Glasgow secondary schools. 

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