Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Over the next 25 years, the child populations of five out of the eight local authorities in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region are forecast to reduce.  The largest reductions are predicted for Inverclyde, down by 15%, and for West Dunbartonshire, down by 7%. In contrast, the child population of  East Dunbartonshire is forecast to increase by 9% and in East Renfrewshire the children's population is forecast to increase by 18%.  

The graphs below illustrate the projected trends in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region, excluding Glasgow for presentational reasons.

Projected child populations for Glasgow and Clyde Valley (excluding Glasgow and the Lanarkshire local authorities), 2016-2041
Pop projs children GCV excl Glas Lan trend
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Projected child population, North and South Lanarkshire, 2016-41
Pop projs children GCV Lan trendClick on graph to enlarge

The child populations of both North and South Lanarkshire are predicted to reduce over the next 25 years. A larger reduction is predicted for North Lanarkshire, where the child population is predicted to fall by 9%, a reduction of over 5,900 children.


These population projections, produced by National Records of Scotland (NRS) are forecasts based on a range of assumptions about underlying demographics and should be treated with caution. The projected populations can change quite substantially between revisions, which are published every two years.

The projections shown are the principal projections rather than variant projections that NRS also produces. For more detailed information go to the National Records of Scotland population projections pages.