Scottish cities

Children in Workless Households in selected Scottish Cities

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Note: While shown, the estimates for Aberdeen and Edinburgh and are not considered to be reliable.

Glasgow had the second highest proportion of children living in workless households of all the major Scottish cities in 2016 at 18.9%, behind Dundee at 24.2%. This was considerably higher than the national figure of 12.5%.

On the other hand, the estimate percentage of children living in workless households in Glasgow has fallen considerably, from 34.1% in 2004 to 18.9% in 2016.


The data above were sourced from ONS’s statistical bulletin, Workless Households for Regions across the UK, 2016. In this report workless households are estimated over the period January to December in each year.


The estimates only include those households where at least one person is aged 16 to 64.

Workless households are households where no-one aged 16 or over is in employment.

These members may be unemployed or inactive. Inactive members may be unavailable to work because of family commitments, retirement or study, or unable to work through sickness/disability.

Children refer to all children under 16.