Care Leavers

During the year 1st August 2009 to 31st July 2010, 223 young people beyond minimum school leaving age ceased being looked after (or left care) in Glasgow, representing 15% of the Scottish total of 1,450.

As at 31st July 2010, there were 835 young people from Glasgow eligible for aftercare services[1], representing just over a fifth of the Scottish total of 3,918 eligible for these services.

For further information on care leavers statistics, please refer to the Children Looked After Statistics on the Scottish Government website.


[1] The following is a brief definition of young people eligible for aftercare services. Local authorities have a duty to provide advice, guidance and assistance for young people who have ceased to be looked after who are over minimum school leaving age. A young person is eligible to receive aftercare services if they are being compulsorily supported (over minimum school leaving age but under 19 years of age) or discretionarily supported (where a young person is aged 19 and 20 years of age and the local authority has agreed to support them until their 21st birthday). For full details of young people’s eligibility for aftercare, see national regulations and guidance.