Children supported by Social Work Services (SWS)

10,415 children & young people aged 0-17 years were being supported by Social Work Services in the city as at 1st November 2010, representing 9.4% of the child population. 

The charts in this section provide information on children whose cases were open on Glasgow’s Social Work Services information system (careFirst) as at 1st November 2010. The data is shown by Social Work Area and multi member ward.

The children included in these figures were supported by Social Work Services at this date, with services provided ranging from very little or low level input to high level or intensive input. For instance, higher level or intensive support could include supporting children on the Child Protection Register or those looked after and accommodated in secure, residential or foster care placements. Further details of key social work services provided to children & families are noted on the Glasgow Social Work Services Children & Families website.

These figures are not routinely collated by local authorities in Scotland, so comparison with other areas is not possible.