Social work areas

More boys than girls were supported by Social Work Services across the whole city of Glasgow as at 1st November 2010. 52% of children supported were boys, numbering 5,401, and 45% were girls (4,711). This gender gap is apparent across the three Social Work Areas within Glasgow, in each of which more boys than girls receive support.

Number of Glasgow Children Supported by Social Work Services(click graph to enlarge)

Similar numbers of children & young people were supported by North East (3,268) and North West (3,326) areas at this date, with more being supported in the South (3,821) area. In relative terms however, less of the child population are supported in the South area than in North East, North West or across the city overall. 8.7% of the child population of the South area received Social Work support as at 1st November 2010 compared with 9.8% in North East, 10.1% in North West and 9.4% across the city overall.

The gender gap is also visible when considering the percentage of children supported by Social Work Services. There is almost one percentage point of a difference between girls and boys for Glasgow overall and an even greater difference between girls and boys in North East area.

Percentage of Glasgow s Child Population  0 17 years  Supported by Social Work(click graph to expand)