Parental substance abuse

Parental substance misuse is an issue known to affect a disproportionately high number of children in Glasgow.

In 2009/10, Glasgow Social Work Services  supported* 2,677 children & young people who had one or more parent with a substance misuse problem, equating to 2.3% of the child population.

This information is reported as an annual performance indicator within Glasgow City Council but is not available more widely than this. Comparison with other places is therefore not possible.

One or More Parent with a Substance Misuse Problem(click graph to expand)

The above chart shows that the number of children of substance misusing parents supported[1] by Social Work Services has increased by almost 250 over the last four years. This support has also increased each year in relative terms, with the percentage of the child population supported rising from 2.03% in 2006/07 to 2.27% in 2009/10.

Percentage of Glasgow Children  0 18  Supported by Social Work(click graph to expand)


[1] The support received may be low level input or high level or intensive input. For instance, higher level or intensive support could include supporting children on the Child Protection Register or those looked after and accommodated in secure, residential or foster care placements.