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Parental substance misuse in Glasgow and Clyde Valley and Greater Manchester

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The Millennium Cohort study asked parents whether they had used recreational drugs in the last year in 2004 and 2006. Substance misuse was reported to be higher among fathers in Glasgow and Clyde Valley than in Greater Manchester in both 2004 and 2006. Mothers in Glasgow and Clyde Valley reported a lower rate in 2004 than Greater Manchester (5.2% compared to 5.7%) and a higher rate in 2006 (6.8% compared to 4.2%).

Sample sizes: Child aged 3 mothers: GCV = 551, Greater Manchester = 556, Greater Manchester = 536, Fathers: GCV = 379, Greater Manchester = 355; Child aged 5 Mothers: GCV = 559, Greater Manchester = 530, Fathers: GCV = 378, Greater Manchester = 329.

The data and charts are taken from Poverty, parenting and poor health: comparing early years’ experiences in Scotland, England and three city regions, published in 2013 by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.