Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Recorded anti-social behaviour incidents, Glasgow and Clyde Valley

NB: These data are from 2011/12. We are currently working on updating this section with data from 2014/15.

ASB incidents recorded per 10 000 Population in Glasgow   Clyde Valley LAsClick on chart to expand

During 2011/12 Glasgow experienced the highest rate of recorded anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents per 10,000 population in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GCV) area with approximately 1,213 incidents per 10,000 population. The above chart illustrates the level of ASB in each of the GCV local authorities per 10,000 population.  The rate of recorded ASB incidents in Glasgow was more than double the rate in East Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire.


Police Scotland define any reported incidents of antisocial behaviour as complaints or disturbances that are generally reported by members of the public.  These are recorded on the STORM Command and Control system.

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