Mother's Country of Birth

Mother's Country of Birth

The chart below shows the distribution of births in Glasgow in the period 1997-2009 by mothers’ countries of birth, excluding births to mothers born in the British Isles.
Dist bths mat cntry birthClick on graph to expand

Glasgow’s population is more ethnically diverse than the rest of Scotland.  The above graph illustrates that there was a greater proportion of births to mothers with an ethnic minority background in Glasgow than in the rest of Scotland in the period 1997-2009.  Over the period, 8% of births in Glasgow were to mothers who were born in Asia and nearly 3% of infants were born to mothers from Africa.  Across Scotland 3% of births were to mothers born in Europe.

A break-down by country shows that mothers in Glasgow came from 169 different countries. 77% of mothers were Scottish by birth, 6% were born in England, 4% were born in Pakistan, and 1% of mothers were from India, China, Poland and Northern Ireland, respectively. 


In September 2017, GCPH published a detailed report on ethnicity and health, The changing ethnic profiles of Glasgow and Scotland. This report explored links between ethnicity and health in a Scottish context and the population health implications of the changing ethnic profiles of Scotland and of Glasgow.

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