Cost of Healthy Food

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The Food Foundation used data from 2017/18 to calculate the cost of healthy eating for families in different income deciles. Keeping to the Eatwell Guidelines costs an adult £5.99 per day. Accounting for housing costs and family sizes, those in the poorest decile needed to spend 76% of their disposable income per week on healthy food to keep to these guidelines. Those in the wealthiest decile only had to spend 6% of their disposable income on healthy food. These figures are similar to those reported in 2019, with only two deciles changing. In the second poorest decile (SIMD 2), the proportion of disposable income necessary to meet the health eating guidelines dropped from 29% to 27%. In the poorest decile (SIMD 1), it rose by 2%, from 74% in 2019.

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