Within Glasgow City Region

As part of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Adult Health and Wellbeing Survey, conducted in 2018, people were asked about their experiences of food insecurity. Food insecurity was determined by asking respondents whether they had eaten less than they thought they should, or less healthily, because of a lack of money or resources, or whether they were worried about running out of money for food. Severe food insecurity was defined as having gone hungry or not eaten for a full day because of a lack of money or resources.


FI Glasgow Areas 2018

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Across Glasgow, 10.8% of respondents had experienced food insecurity, and 4.6% had experienced severe food insecurity. The survey looked at selected areas and, of these, Ruchill and Possilpark was the neighbourhood where most respondents had experienced food insecurity and severe food insecurity, and Parkhead and Dalmarnock had the lowest figures.

Selected Local Authorities in Glasgow City Region

FI GGC Areas 2018

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Experiences of food insecurity and of severe food insecurity were higher in Glasgow than in Inverclyde, Renfrewshire or East Dunbartonshire. Other local authority areas did not have a large enough sample to estimate food insecurity for 2018.

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