Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Travel to work, Glasgow and Clyde Valley Local Authorities, 2011
Method of travel to work or study local authorityclick on graph to expand

The chart above illustrates the different ways children and adults get to work or study across the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region. 

Travel by car, either driving or as a passenger, is the predominant commuting method in all the cities.  Glasgow has the lowest level of car use and the highest proportion of people cycling (1.6%) or walking (25.1%).


The figures above are based on all people aged 4 and over who are studying or aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census. A small proportion of 4 and 5 year olds (a total of 11,876 in Scotland) are excluded who were reported as being in full-time education but for whom no information on their place of study or method of travel to study was provided.

People who normally work or study at home are excluded from the figures shown.

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