Friday 25 March 2011

Monitoring Glasgow 1990

After Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture, the City Council commissioned a report to assess its position and inform decisions about its future. Monitoring Glasgow 1990 was by John Myerscough, one of the creators of the field of cultural economics and author of The Economic Impact of the Arts in Britain (1988) and The Economic Impact of the Arts in Glasgow (1988). His 1991 report was designed to provide

  • a statistical picture of attendance at arts events and attractions
  • an analysis of the 1990 market for Glasgow’s cultural programme
  • an assessment of the economic and social impact of Glasgow 1990, including an account of the development in Glasgow’s cultural sector
  • an indication of any post-1990 opportunities arising from the lessons of the Year

This assessment provided a benchmark against which future development could be measured. 

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