Thursday 27 June 2013

Understanding Glasgow film series

In late 2012 the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) commissioned a series of films, set in and around Glasgow, which were to reflect the lived experiences of Glaswegians and let people tell their own stories. 

 Poverty doesn’t make an area; it is the community spirit that makes an area.

UG film launch imageSome of the participants and the film-maker at the launch of the films, April 2013.  You can download the launch report here.

The films 

Working Men, Sense of Place, Young Mums and Bolting Doors, Mending Fences are the first four films in the series and cover a wide range of issues which affect people living in and around Glasgow – employment, regeneration, community spirit and parenthood to name a few. The films are available to view on this site:

Working Men
Sense of Place
Young Mums
Bolting Doors, Mending Fences

Say you’re making a bench.  You’ve got a beautiful product at the end of it.  That’s meaningful to me…you’re producing something.

This short film introduces some of the themes covered and provides a background to the creation of the film series.

We are interested in getting feedback on the films and in hearing your ideas about how we can use these films and any events or organisations we can work with to share these films. Please use our contact form to give us your thoughts or suggestions.

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