Case study - GalGael

In March 2015, staff and volunteers and participants from the Galgael played the Glasgow Game. 

Some of the Galgael players were a little cautious about playing the game and yet by the end, there were positive reflections about taking part.  While the discussions require some thinking and imagination, everyone commented on how they had gained from the experience, and learned from each other. For Galgael, it also provided a useful tool in considering how to move forward as an organisation. In the words of Gehan Macleod, co-founder and Programme Director of Galgael: 

The organisation is going through a bit of a soul searching period before it makes this big change, and this really feels as though it has helped us to fill a bit of that void … it’s really worked for me.

For more feedback on this event read Rachel Harris’s blog on the GCPH website.