Case study - World Game

In November 2012, the International Futures Forum (IFF), held an IFF World Game which focussed on ‘the Future of Scotland’.  The session was hosted by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and facilitated by Anthony Hodgson and Andrew Lyon.

World game main

This exercise was held over a morning and involved about a dozen participants. The challenge set was ‘Developing a Resilient Scotland’.  There were two key strategic questions posed:

‘How might we best prepare for the multiple impacts on Scotland of world turbulence over the next decade?’

‘What should we be doing to be able to take care of the future of Scotland?’

The actual game was played in three rounds (after a preliminary introduction to the game):

Round 1 – the Challenge to Resilience – involved: studying the brief, identifying concerns and mapping these on the World Model.

Round 2 – What to be ready for – involved: considering synchronous impacts, generating and sharing scenario stories.

Round 3 – Evoking wise Counsel – involved: forming some wise declarations, sharing these and appraising resilience.

The Future of Scotland (PDF) provides a summary of this exercise and gives more detail of the game and the outputs it produced.