This section of the website provides health and wellbeing profiles for Glasgow and for sectors and neighbourhoods within the city.  

There are two sets of profiles: a set that cover the whole population which were first published in 2014 and a set of children and young people's profiles which are currently under development and will be available shortly. 

Both sets of profiles include indicators of health and wellbeing at three geographic levels: Glasgow as a whole; three sub-sectors of the city (North East, North West and South Glasgow); and 56 neighbourhoods across the city. 

Accompanying and complementing the profiles, we are developing a set of evidence for action briefings that link to indicators in the profiles. These briefings will outline the relevance and importance of an issue (e.g. child poverty, access to green space) and provide examples of positive initiatives to address an issue or improve a situation. Currently we are developing eight evidence for action briefings but depending on the feedback we receive, we may extend the range of briefings that are provided. 

The evidence for action briefings are being developed by staff from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and NHS Health Scotland and will be available soon.