Pre-school nursery use in Glasgow

At June 2019 in Glasgow, there were 20,505 children aged 0-5 years registered with a pre-school nursery in Glasgow. This equates to 51% of the total population of children across Glasgow in this age category. Of those 20,505 children who were registered with a nursery, 76% (15,619) had a registered place and were (likely) attending nursery and 24% (4,886) were on the waiting list for a place. 


Across the Glasgow nurseries, boys held 51% of registered places and places on the waiting list while girls held 49% of registered places and places on the waiting list. 


Three quarters (74%) of registered nursery places were taken up by children aged three and four years. While children aged up to one year accounted for less than 1% of registered places. 

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Meanwhile, children aged two and three years accounted for the highest proportion (67%) of the waiting list for Glasgow nurseries. Children aged five years accounted for the smallest proportion (4%) of the waiitng list followed by children aged under one year (6%). 

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The highest proportion of registered places across nurseries, and the waiting list, in Glasgow appeared to be held by children from a White Scottish background (34%), respectively. This was followed by children from a Black minority ethnic background who accounted for 25% of registered places and 17% of the waiting list. However, ethnicity was not disclosed, known or specified for approximately one third of registrations and waiting list, therefore this data may not be an accurate reflection of ethnic diversity in Glasgow's nurseries. 

Council of residence 

The majority (94%) of children with either a registered nursery or on the waiting list lived within Glasgow boundaries while 6% lived in the surrounding council areas. 

Comparison with previous year 

At June 2019 there was a 3% increase in the rate of registrations across all Glasgow nurseries compared to the previous year however the proportion of children with a registered place and awaiting a nursery place remained the same. 


Source: Glasgow City Council Early Learning and Childcare data taken from the Seemis system. 

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