Premature births (<37 weeks) by neighbourhoodPrematurity by NH 2015

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Carmunnock has the highest level of premature births with 11.86%, nearly double the Glasgow average of 6.23%.  City Centre & Merchant City has the lowest level  of premature births, 2.99%, which is less than half the Glasgow level .

Note on Carmunnock: It is worth bearing in mind that Carmunnock has a small population of approximately 1,800 people, where there will have been a small number of births, even over a 3 year period. Small numbers of events in small populations can produce statistical anomalies and so this measure of premature births should be interpreted with caution. 


Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks. If a baby is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy, they are premature (also known as preterm). The number of weeks into a pregnancy is also referred to as the “gestational age”.  The figures given are for singleton births, i.e. not twins, triplets or other multiples.

Scottish Morbidity Records for maternities (SMR02) have been used here to calculate the proportion of babies born prematurely (<37 weeks). The data have been aggregated into rolling groups of three fiscal years to produce annual averages. Glasgow specific analyses were undertaken locally; the analysis by local authority has been provided by the Information Statistics Division (ISD).

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