Child Poverty across Glasgow Neighbourhoods

childpoverty neighbourhoods 2014Click to enlarge

In 2014 in Glasgow, approximately 30.8% of children lived in families in receipt of Child Tax Credits (CTC) whose reported income is below 60% of median income. 

There is a large variation in this measure across Glasgow neighbourhoods, with the proportion of children living in poverty varying from 5% in Carmunnock to 59% in Parkhead and Dalmarnock.


The data for this graph were provided by HM Revenue & Customs and are not as up-to-date as the 2015 estimates provided for Scottish and UK cities.

% of Children in poverty: Number of children living in families in receipt of CTC whose reported income is less than 60 per cent of the median income or in receipt of IS or (Income-Based) JSA, divided by the total number of children in the area (determined by Child Benefit data)

Please note the data relate to 2014 and therefore do not exactly match with the data provided elsewhere on this site at a Local Authority level from End Child Poverty’s Child Poverty map of the UK.