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In 2018/19, around 28% of children in Glasgow City were living in poverty. This was lower than rates in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Manchester and Birmingham, but higher than those in Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh. In the cities shown here, proportions ranged between 12.6% in Edinburgh and 33.9% in Birmingham.

Between 2017/18 and 2018/19, child poverty dropped slightly in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. It dropped more evidently in Nottingham and remained the same in Bristol. In the other cities shown here, it rose slightly.

Looking at the five-year trend since 2014/15, child poverty has risen in almost all of the cities shown here, except in Nottingham, where it has returned to a similar level as in 2014/15 and in Bristol, where it has fallen.


The data for this graph come from End Child Poverty. Households are defined as living in poverty if their income is less than 60% of the UK median income. The methods of estimation have recently been updated, further detail can be found on the website.

These figures refer to children from ages 0-16 and to families living in poverty before housing costs are taken into account. The rates for all children and including housing costs would be higher, but this measure still allows us to compare the different cities.