National Records of Scotland (NRS)
formerly the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)

The website of National Records of Scotland (NRS) is the most comprehensive source of demographic information in Scotland. The site provides population estimates for a range of geographies (including Small Area Population Estimates – SAPE), population projections, household estimates and projections, births, deaths and other vital statistics.

Glasgow City Council Social Work Services

The Social Work Services Performance and Research sections of the Glasgow City Council website includes information on key performance indicators via the Annual Service Plan and Improvement Report (ASPIR) and also detailed current demographic information at Social Work Area and ward level.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)
The Office for National Statistics is the key source for a wide range of national statistics for the UK, including demographic data. This source has also been used to obtain specific information on Looked After Children and Children in Need, in relation to local authorities in England.

Scottish Children's Reporter's Administration (SCRA)
The SCRA website provides a number of statistical reports relating to the core business of the organisation, which operates within Scotland. In addition to this, access to interactive statistics is provided through the site’s Online Statistical Dashboard.

Scottish Government
Two specific sections of the Scottish Government website are used here.

One section provides information on Children and Young People Statistics including Child Protection and Looked After Children. The data and reports on these two topics are generated from statistical returns submitted annually to the Scottish Government by all local authorities in Scotland. The other section provides information on Homelessness Statistics gathered from quarterly and annual local authority returns.