Attendance at Cultural Events

Cultural Attendance (in thousands) by nature of cultural activity

Cultural Attendance (2018)

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Across the years, attendance has increased across theatres, concert halls and historic buildings.  The domain with the highest levels of attendance is Libraries, however, attendance has reduced over time.

Attendance at cultural events and visiting places of culture in the last 12 months: a comparison between Glasgow and Scotland

Cultural Attendance Last 12 Months (2018)

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The most attended cultural event was cinema: this was true both at Glasgow (61%) and national level (59%).  In Glasgow, the next highest levels of attendance were for museums, which, at 46%, was significantly higher than the Scottish average; live music events (38%); libraries (34%) and theatre (30%).

Notes on data

It should be noted that many of the apparent differences in the figures between Glasgow and Scotland may not be significant due to the relatively small sample sizes of the survey data. 

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