Cultural Engagement

Cultural Engagement

Cultural engagement is defined as any form of cultural participation or attendance.  The graphs below shows data from 2016, and show the percentage of the population who have had some form of cultural engagement over the past 12 months.

Cultural Engagement in the last 12 months: Scottish Cities

Cultural Engagement - Scottish Cities (2018)

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Glasgow has the lowest level of cultural engagement out of the four major Scottish cities and is below the Scottish average.  Edinburgh has the highest level of cultural engagement.

Cultural Engagement in the last 12 months: Glasgow and Clyde Valley local authorities

Cultural Engagement - GCV (2018)

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In the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region, only Renfrewshire has a level of cultural engagement that is higher than the Scottish average.  The percentage of people who have had some form of cultural engagement in the past 12 months is below 90% in both Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire.

The Scottish Government have published a new report which looks at the impact of cultural engagement and sports participation on health and satisfaction with life in Scotland. Click here to access the Healthy Attendance? report.

Notes on data

It should be noted that many of the apparent differences in the figures between Glasgow and Scotland (and other areas) may not be significant due to the relatively small sample sizes of the survey data. 

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