Resources and links

Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life manages the city’s sports and leisure facilities, museums, galleries, libraries and community centres on behalf of Glasgow City Council, and provides a range of community-based cultural and sporting opportunities.

Scottish Household Survey

The Culture and Sport module encompasses aspects such as the extent of cultural participation, attendance, reasons why people do and do not do cultural activities or attend cultural events, and perceived barriers.


Sportscotland are the national body for sport in Scotland, their website includes several national strategies for sporting activities.

Glasgow 2014: A Games Legacy for Glasgow

The Glasgow 2014 Legacy framework was created by the City Council in order to bring together the range of anticipated legacies from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Reaching Higher: Building on the Success of Sport 21

This is the overarching national strategy for sport. This strategy sets out the long-term aims and objectives for sport until 2020 and plans for its delivery and evaluation.

Who Runs in Glasgow?

This report looks at participation in three of Glasgow’s annual running events: the Great Scottish Run; the Junior Great Scottish Run; and the Women’s 10K. The findings show good participation from across Scotland, and high levels of participation from Glaswegians, but wide socioeconomic and neighbourhood disparities within this.