Glasgow City Region

Highest educational qualifications of working age population across Glasgow City Region local authorities

Highest qual 1659 GCR 2018

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The percentage of the population without any qualifications was higher than the Scottish average in all Glasgow city region local authorities except East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire. More than half of people age 16-59 in East Renfrewshire have a degree (57%), considerably higher than the Scottish average (35%) and the other local authorities in the Glasgow city region.


We have used 16-59 years of age as an approximation for the working age population.  Clearly some people work into their 60s and beyond, and the current UK state pension, which is under review, has risen above 65 for many people. 

Inverclyde is not included in the chart as the sample size of the Scottish Household Survey within the local authority was not large enough to show the breakdown by age and educational qualifications.

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