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Greenspace and openspace in Glasgow and Clyde Valley local authorities

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This chart above gives a similar breakdown for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley local authorities. Of the local authorities, Glasgow has the highest proportion of public parks and gardens (13%) compared to the rest of the authorities which range from 7% to 11%. Glasgow has one of the lowest proportions of natural and semi-natural greenspace (12%) compared to West Dunbartonshire and Inverclyde, in particular, where natural and semi-natural greenspace account for 33% and 30% of all greenspace, respectively.


While quantity of open space is an important consideration for local authorities, proximity, accessibility and quality are more important considerations for levels of use and the benefits derived.  Most local authorities have undertaken some kind of qualitative audit and have developed an understanding of which communities have good access to good quality open space and those which are in deficit. 

The qualitative audits should ideally be repeated every few years to reassess resource prioritisation and to measure progress.  The different methods employed in gathering the data make it difficult to draw comparisons between local authorities across Scotland.

The State of Scotland's Greenspace report can be found here.

More information on greenspace and open space in Glasgow can be found on Glasgow City Council’s website.

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