Natural population change

Natural change in the population in Glasgow 1855 - 2019
Nat popn change  Glas 1855 2019
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From 1855 until the 1970s, the number of births in Glasgow exceeded the number of deaths. From the 1970s Glasgow's population, which had already been in decline due to outward migration, reduced further due to the number of deaths exceeding the number of births. In the period since 2007, the number of births has exceeded the number of deaths, contributing, alongside the impact of inward migrationto a slight increase in Glasgow's population 


Natural population change is simply a measure of the number of deaths in a population subtracted from the number of births. If there are more births than deaths then natural change is adding to the population if there are more deaths than births then the natural change is contributing to a reduction in population. Migration is another factor that contributes to population change.

More detailed data on births and deaths in Scotland can be accessed from National Records of Scotland. 

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