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Age sex standardised death rates for Scottish cities
Deaths p 1000 Scot Cities 1991 2021Click on graph to expand

In Scotland and in its largest cities (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow), mortality rates reduced between 1991 and 2010. From 2010 to 2019 mortality rates rose in Scotland and in all the Scottish cities with the exception of Edinburgh. In 2020, there was a sharp rise in mortality rates in all cities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which emerged in Scotland in early 2020. Mortality rates dropped slightly in the majority of the cities in 2021; the exception to this was Aberdeen where mortality rates rose further.

Glasgow remains the local authority with the highest mortality rate in Scotland.  In Dundee there has been an especially notable rise in mortality since 2013.

There is now a large body of evidence detailing the unprecedented changes to mortality rates that have taken place in Scotland, and across the wider UK, in the past ten years. These trends, including increasing death rates among poorer communities and the end to decades of previously continual improvement at country level, predate the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information go to the GCPH website


Age sex standardised mortality rates control for the age structure of populations and therefore allow comparison of mortality rates between different areas.

More detailed data on deaths in Scotland can be accessed from National Records of Scotland.

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