Projections of households by type in Glasgow
Glasgow HHs 2016 2041Click on graph to expand

National Records of Scotland forecasts that the number of households in Glasgow is set to grow from 289,399 in 2016 to 335,927 in 2041, a rise of 16%. Alongside this projected rise, the make-up of households is predicted to change.  Single adult households are predicted to rise, forming half of all households by 2041, while the proportions of ‘three adult’ and ‘two adults with children’ households are predicted to decline.  Households with children are predicted to shrink overall and by 2014 to only account for 17% of all households

Notes on data

These projections are forecasts based on a range of assumptions about underlying demographics and therefore should be considered with caution. The projections shown are the principal projections from NRS.

For more detailed information go to the NRS household projections publication.

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