Glasgow City Region

Population projections for Glasgow City Region Local Authorities, 2018- 2043

Lanarkshire Local Authorities
Lan projs 2018 2043
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The population of North Lanarkshire is predicted to show a slight loss of population overall (-1%) between 2018 and 2043, while it is predicted that South Lanarkshire's population will increase slightly (+ 3%) over the next 25 years.

Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Local Authorities
GCR exc Lan projs 2018 2043
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There are differing population forecasts for the remaining local authorities in the region.  East Dunbartonshire's population is predicted to rise by 10% in the next 25 years, while East Renfrewshire's population is predicted to rise more substantially (by 13%).  In contrast, the population of West Dunbartonshire is predicted to reduce by 7% and that of Inverclyde by 16%.  In the case of Inverclyde, this projection forecasts a continuation of the long term downward trend in the area's population.

Glasgow is excluded from the graphs above for presentation purposes but population projections for Glasgow and the other large Scottish cities can be viewed here.


These projections are forecasts based on a range of assumptions about underlying demographics and therefore should be considered with caution.  The projections shown are the principal projections rather than variant projections that NRS also produces.

For more detailed information go to the National Records of Scotland population projections pages.

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