National Records of Scotland
The website of National Records of Scotland (formerly the General Register Office for Scotland) is the most comprehensive source of demographic information in Scotland. The site provides population estimates for a range of geographies (including Small Area Population Estimates – SAPE), population projections, household estimates and projections, births, deaths, migration estimates and other vital statistics.

Glasgow City Council
The population and housing section of the City Council’s website provide a range of useful demographic statistics for areas within the city, including population, households and dwelling estimates for Council Wards, Strategic Planning Areas (SPA), Local Housing Forum (LHF)areas and neighbourhoods. 

Office for National Statistics (ONS)
The Office for National Statistics is the key source for a wide range of national statistics for the UK, including demographic data

Click on the following link for UK population estimates

Scottish Census Results OnLine (SCROL)
The SCROL website was created to disseminate data from the 2001 Census.  It has a range of population tables including populations broken down by age, gender, living arrangements and marital status, and these are available at a number of geographical levels from NHS (health) boards to census output areas. Additionally, the census provides the only comprehensive estimates of ethnic minority populations broken down to small areas. Household composition statistics are also available broken down into a wide range of tables.

Scottish Government Statistics
This Scottish Government website provides a range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social / community issues at the data zone level.

Open Glasgow
Set up as part of the Future City Demonstrator project, aims to provide accessible data to Glasgow’s citizens.   This site is developing but already contains maps of  cycle routes and cycle parking, CCTV camera locations and road accident locations.  The data section contains data that can be downloaded in a variety of formats (zip, excel,.csv, GIS, etc.) grouped under the following themes – active travel, demographics, economy, education, energy, environment, geography, health, living, tourism and transportation.

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    Thursday, 26 May 2011

    Your Better Life Index

    A new, interactive index allowing users to measure and compare their lives.
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    Sunday, 1 November 2009

    Miniature Glasgow - Video

    An extension of the GCPH's work profiling Glasgow's health, produced in collaboration with the International Future Forum.
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    Monday, 3 April 2006

    Let Glasgow Flourish

    A comprehensive report on health and its determinants in Glasgow and West Central Scotland