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Digital skills are useful for many aspects of life and work and are becoming a larger part of financial access in particular, with more banking being done online. Lloyds look each year at digital skills levels in different regions via a survey asking people about what digital skills they do and do not have.

The chart above shows the proportion of people who had the foundational level skills - the basics that are needed to use the internet. These include being able to use internet devices and browsers, being able to set up a wifi connection and being able to set up and securely manage passwords.

The average across the UK was 80%, meaning that one in five people lacked these basic skills. This can impact upon their ability to work, to manage their finances and to communicate with friends and family. Scotland had one of the highest rates of foundational digital skills, at 85%, only behind London, at 86%. The lowest rate was in Wales where 71% of people have this skillset. 


These foundational level skills come from the Essential Digital Skills framework. Full result tables can be accessed on the LLoyds Essential Digital Skills webpage.

This page was updated in May 2023. It will be updated next when the next annual figures are released. 

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