The Scottish Government  provides data relating to transport and travel, including statistics on bus, rail, air and ferry passengers; cars, lorries, traffic and accidents; walking and cycling; travel to work and school; freight and other aspects of transport. The transport and travel statistics section of the Scottish Government website provides access to high level summaries which provide a brief overview of some key statistics. A number of publications and datasets are also available.

Transform Scotland  published a  report in September 2012 summarising the Scottish Government's progress on sustainable transport. 'Warning Signs -- Is Scotland moving towards sustainable transport?' sets out the challenges faced by the Scottish Government in turning around the situation on transport in Scotland. The report outlines a set of recommendations on investment requirements that could be tackled by the Scottish Government, and suggests priorities for action.

The Scottish Household Survey is another useful source of information. It is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information about characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households on a range of issues including transport.

The Scottish Census collects information every ten years about the characteristics of people and households in the country which includes the mode of transport Scottish people normally use for the longest part of their journey to work or study.

Smarter Choices Smarter Places, launched in May 2009, is a Scottish Government partnership project in collaboration with with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) which aims to test out the efficacy of measures to promote active sustainable travel in seven Scottish local authority areas. The projects are being monitored and evaluated by a research consortium who carried out baseline monitoring between January and April 2009.

Sustrans  has been co-ordinating a national survey of the transport modes children use in travelling to and from school on an annual basis since 2008 (Sustrans Hands Up Scotland Survey). Most, but not all, of Scotland's 32 local authorities participate in this survey.  The Hands Up Survey has produced data that are reasonably robust and that can be used to make comparisons within and across local authority boundaries.  GCPH has already used these data to conduct and present a number of analyses relating to school travel.

Open Glasgow
Set up as part of the Future City Demonstrator project, aims to provide accessible data to Glasgow’s citizens.   This site is developing but already contains maps of  cycle routes and cycle parking, CCTV camera locations and road accident locations.  The data section contains data that can be downloaded in a variety of formats (zip, excel,.csv, GIS, etc.) grouped under the following themes – active travel, demographics, economy, education, energy, environment, geography, health, living, tourism and transportation.