The Scottish Government
Publications relating to transport policy can be acessed here.

Transport Scotland
Transport Scotland publishes statistics relating to transport and travel. This includes statistics on different transport modes, road vehicles, traffic levels, accidents, travel to work and school and many other aspects of transport.

Transform Scotland
Transform Scotland are Scotland’s alliance for sustainable transport with a membership bringing together public, private and third sector organisations from across Scotland. They have published widely on transport issues in Scotland.

The Scottish Household Survey is a useful source of information. It is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information about characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households on a range of issues including transport.

Scotland's Census
This website provides information about the census conducted in 2022. Results from the 2011 Census can also be found here. The census has one question on which mode of travel people normally use to get to work or study.

Sustrans has been co-ordinating a national survey of the transport modes children use in travelling to and from school on an annual basis since 2008 (Hands Up Scotland Survey). The survey provides data that allow comparisons of school travel to be made within and across local authority boundaries.