Scotland - Vehicles Licensed & Traffic Volume

Vehicles licensed in Scotland
mv regs scotland 1975 2018
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The graph above shows trends in licensed motor vehicles in Scotland since 1975, illustrating the steady rise in vehicles on Scotland's roads. In 1975, there were over 1.3 million vehicles licensed in Scotland and by 2018, the figure had more than doubled to more than 2.99 million vehicles - a rise of 129%.  The number of Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles have increased in recent years (to 37,000 in 2018) but still account for less than 1.2% of all licensed vehicles.  

Traffic volume trends for Scotland
Vehicle Kms scotland 1975 2018
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Traffic volume in Scotland, as measured by vehicle kilometres driven on all Scottish roads, continues to rise and has risen by 21% since 1999.


See Scottish Transport Statistics for more detail.

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