Commuting to work or study on foot, by deprivation decile
Walking to work study GIMD 2011Click on graph to expand

In 2011, about a quarter of commuters (25.1%) walked to their place of work or study in Glasgow There were no particular differences in levels of walking comparing between more and less deprived parts of the the city. 


The data shown above is from the 2011 Census.  

This source is thought to underestimate levels of walking, as the question asks for the main mode of travel used on a commuting journey and multi-modal journeys which include walking but not as the main mode of travel are not accounted for. 

It is clear that the length of commute will have an impact on how many people walk to work or study.

A recent GCPH report, Pedestrian and cyclist casualty trends in Scotland, as well as providing a detailed analysis of casualty trends, outlines trends in modes of travel to work and study in Scotland (see Chapter 4 and Appendix A). 


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