Social Care

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In Glasgow:

  • Nearly 2,400 children & young people in Glasgow were referred to the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration in 2016/17; the rate of children referred was 41% higher than the Scottish average
  • 2,800 children were looked after in Glasgow as at 31st July 2017; 2.6% of the child population, the highest rate of any authority within Scotland
  • There were 405 children aged 0-15 on the Child Protection Register at 31st March 2017, equivalent to 0.41% of the child population
  • There were 1,670 dependent children in temporary accommodation (homeless) at the end of March 2010, just over a quarter of the total in temporary accommodation for the whole of Scotland
  • Social Work Services supported 2,677 children & young people who had one or more parent with a substance misuse problem in 2009/10, equating to 2.3% of the child population


  • Glasgow tends to have a higher level of recorded crimes and incidents than other neighbouring local authorities and other Scottish cities, although reported levels of many crimes have been declining since 2006.
  • In relation to anti-social behaviour (ASB), youth-related incidents make up 16% of all ASB incidents in Glasgow.
  • Just over 7,500 crimes were committed by youths (children under the age of 18) in Glasgow in 2011/12 with offending levels rising rapidly in teenage years.
  • Despite decreases in reported violent crime, Glasgow experiences a level of violent crime that is still twice the national average.
  • There were 150 crimes of violence perpetrated by young people (under the age of 18), accounting for 2% of all youth crime.
  • The likelihood of being a victim of violence or of committing a violent offence rises rapidly in the teenage years.
  • In 2012, in Glasgow, there were on average 280 domestic abuse incidents reported each month where children were present.

The link between child vulnerability and poverty/deprivation is widely documented. In this section of Understanding Glasgow, the high levels of deprivation in Glasgow are reflected through a comparison of a number of key indicators of child vulnerability against national figures and figures for other Scottish cities or authorities. This shows the significant challenge for Glasgow in tackling child vulnerability.

The selection of indicators presented highlight different aspects of children's safety, including: children supported by SWS (Social Work Services), children referred to the SCRA (Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration), looked after children, children on child protection register, child homelessness, parental substance misuse and a range of community safety issues (youth crime, anti-social behaviour, violent crime, domestic abuse and vandalism).

Targets and strategies in relation to safety are summarised and other sources of related information are highlighted in the resources section.  Notes on the data used in this section are summarised.  Additional community safety indicators affecting the whole population are described within the main set of Glasgow indicators.