Road casualties trend in Glasgow

Road traffic casualty rates in Glasgow have fallen considerably in recent years, despite an increase in the volume of traffic.  The graph below shows the trend in Glasgow over approximately the last 15 years.

Glasgow Casualties by SeverityClick on graph to expand

Casualty rates from all road traffic accidents have fallen by 48% between 1997-2001 and 2012-2016.  The rate of casualties being killed or seriously injured has fallen by 62% in the same period.

For more information on traffic volume, see the traffic volume section of the website.


The figures shown are based on the "Stats 19" statistical returns made by police forces, which cover all accidents in which a vehicle is involved that occur on roads (including footways) and result in personal injury, if they become known to the police. There could be many non-fatal injury accidents which are not reported by the public to the police, and are therefore not counted in these statistics.

Further statistics on road traffic accidents and casualties can be accessed from Transport Scotland publications.

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