Children's report cards

The report cards present public health information on children and young people’s health and wellbeing in the Glasgow City Region (GCR) across a range of topics and indicators. There are currently five report cards, focusing on: income inequality and poverty; population trends, socioeconomic context and health inequalities; the environment; Diet, physical activity and weight; and 21st century issues (including social media).

Each report card highlights why the topic is important and provides summary headlines on each indicator and actions that are needed to make progress. A ‘Where are we now?’ section provides more detail on each indicator and traffic light assessment of progress.  A final ‘What can we do about it?’ section discusses in more detail approaches that can be used to make progress.

This work builds on the previous GCPH Children and young people’s profilesScotPHO children’s profiles and newer data sources. The format of the summaries has drawn on the Active Global Healthy Kids Alliance work which has published report cards for Scotland in 2016 and 2018 providing an accurate, critical assessment of Scottish children’s physical activity and health behaviours.

Note: The GCR comprises eight local authorities: Glasgow City; East Dunbartonshire; West Dunbartonshire; Renfrewshire; East Renfrewshire; Inverclyde; North Lanarkshire; and South Lanarkshire.

Note: all the data compiled in these report cards pre-dates the COVID-19 pandemic.