Friday 25 March 2011

Making the Most of Glasgow's Cultural Assets

Following Glasgow's year as European City of Culture in 1990, Comedia, a leading think tank, produced a report for the Glasgow Development agency, focusing on economic development of the cultural and creative sectors: Making The Most of Glasgow's Cultural Assets: The Creative City and its Cultural Economy (1991). This assessed the city’s cultural and creative infrastructure, reviewed developments over the past decade, leading up and including the Year of Culture and advised on strategic development of the cultural and creative industry sectors in four main areas:

  1. Awareness raising issues. Concerned with changing the mindsets and perspectives of policymakers
  2. Cross sectoral recommendations
  3. Sector specific proposals
  4. Recommendations demonstrating Glasgow's capacity to be a creative city 

Its recommendations covered:

  • Production and productivity
  • Skills replenishment
  • Marketing and market research
  • Consumption
  • Trading support and enhancement
  • Spillover effects into other industries
  • Urban regeneration and urban design
  • Image
  • Tourism impact

These reports, brought together and articulated the strategy the city had been developing at least since the decision to build the Burrell Collection, which had opened in 1983.  

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