About the Glasgow Centre for Population Health

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) was established in 2004 as a resource to generate insights and evidence, to create new solutions and provide leadership for action to improve health and tackle inequality.

The GCPH works across the boundaries of research, policy, implementation and community life to shape a healthier future for Scotland. It focuses on bringing people with different perspectives together to commit to fresh thinking and to approaches to improve Glasgow's health through programmes which:

  • develop a better understanding of health in Glasgow
  • evaluate the health impacts of local strategies
  • lead to new ways of enhancing population health in the 21st Century

Based in Glasgow, the GCPH has a focus on the particular characteristics of this city, but we believe that our approaches and learning will have implications for other cities and regions.

The GCPH activities are directed towards four main aims:

  1. To create and test new models for understanding the patterns, and causes, of Glasgow's enduring poor health while identifying potential solutions and actions for improvement.
  2. To bring excellent and innovative population health research together with the work of policy makers and service providers to accelerate and strengthen processes for better and more equal health.
  3. To develop greater capacity for effective action to improve health through educational processes and events, provision of regular communications, and organisational and professional development.
  4. To be a focus for the exchange of ideas, independent thinking, analysis and debate about population health and health inequalities, linked with similar activities elsewhere in the world.

For more information please visit the GCPH website.