Sense of Place 

“Poverty doesn’t make an area; it is the community spirit that makes an area.” 

Alice from the East End of Greenock talks about her life and growing up in the area.  

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“I love this place with a passion.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’m staying where I am. They’ll take me out of here feet first. Or they’ll have to knock the building down with me in it.” 

She describes the Belleville community’s plans for developing an area of derelict land into a vibrant community space. This film brings out themes of belonging, community, regeneration, and new possibilities and highlights the determination of one community to create something new and valuable in their neighbourhood. 

“This massive piece of ground will be turned into allotments, into a play park for the children – something that is very sadly lacking here …we’ve got seats and benches for people to sit and to admire this fantastic view and we’ll hopefully have a little community café up and running. Once people see what can be done with a piece of what you would say was a tipping ground…if people use their vision and look ahead, it’s there.” 

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A subtitled version of this video is available on the GCPH YouTube channel.

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