Scottish cities

Glasgow’s child population is projected to increase by 3% in the period 2016 to 2041; a projected increase of 2,500 children, increasing the child population of the city from 98,500 to 101,000. Over the same period, the child population of Dundee is predicted to reduce by 2%, while Edinburgh's child population is predicted to rise by 4% and Aberdeen's by 1%.

Child population projections, Scottish cities, 2016-2041
Pop projs children Scot cities trend
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These population projections, produced by National Records of Scotland (NRS) are forecasts based on a range of assumptions about underlying demographics and should be treated with caution. The projected populations can change quite substantially between revisions, which are published every two years.

The projections shown are the principal projections rather than variant projections that NRS also produces. For more detailed information go to the National Records of Scotland population projections pages.