Note on timeliness of data

The data on the Understanding Glasgow website comes from a variety of administrative sources and surveys, and the frequency of updates to these sources varies. The graphs and text on each page should indicate the period to which an indicator refers. Every effort is made to keep the website up-to-date, but even with the most current information available there is a time lag. For example, population data for 2020 was not published until mid-way through 2021.

In parts of the site, where we have no alternative sources, we do show older information. For example, the Census provides the most accurate breakdown of ethnic diversity in the population but the latest Census data from 2011 is now over a decade old. There was a national Census in Scotland in 2022 but initial demographic data will not be published until the latter half of 2023 and more detailed topic spceific data until 2024.

In other cases we have used data derived from one-off surveys that have not been repeated. In such cases, if the information is still important and if there is no alternative source of data, we have continued to present it but with a note about the age of the data.